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I think we all want to be happy, and yet, there are so many people who are not. Iíve been one of those people and maybe you have been too. I decided to write Blueprint for Happiness to share what Iíve learned over the years about creating true happiness. I am a happy person now, and Iím hoping to guide you to that ideal outcome as well.

In talking with others in the process of writing this book, I discovered that most people can tell you why theyíre not happy, but they are unclear about the source of the happiness they do experience. They know what it feels like and they remember important times in their lives when they felt really happy, but there is some consensus that happiness is random and shows up at the oddest times. The thinking is largely, that happiness happens when it happens. And honestly, what makes me happy may not make you happy, but after discovering the source of your own happiness, you too can create a blueprint to maximize that happiness.  Blueprint for Happiness shares my methods for doing so, with you.

Blueprint for Happiness strives to help the reader to explore what happiness means to him, to determine how much happiness he is routinely experiencing right now, and to use the provided methods to create  more happiness.

While Blueprint for Happiness is not a Self Hypnosis book, I have shared 2 Self Hypnosis inductions for those who want to kick start their program into high gear, as well as 2 Self Hypnosis Session scripts that were created expressly to help those readers who want to ramp up the program1.

If you are not routinely happy, you deserve to be. Regardless of your current situation, I believe that you have infinite control over how much happiness you experience in your life Now might be the perfect time to learn how to wield all that power!. If you want more happiness in your life, read this book!

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